QuanticFund is the result of an innovative thinking that expresses in a marked and indelible way the identity of the group in the energy market and technological innovations.

QuanticFund participates in a strategic manner in the development of the companies controlled by it which have the prerogative of being technological leaders in their respective sectors.

The strategic choice is to continue to maintain an important and constant activity in research and development by supporting strategic projects with a great appeal in the global market.


LED LIGHTING – Production of products leader in the lighting market with top market quality and efficiency

ENERGY – Production of high-efficiency, zero-maintenance radiant electrical products and systems related to the winter air conditioning sector.Production of passive thermal waste recovery systems.

DISINFECTION – Production of high quality and high performance products for air sanitization

ELECTRONIC – Realization of electronic projects and production of high-performance and innovative boards for industrial projects related to IOT and advanced communication systems

HYDROGEN – Hydrogen Systems Integrator. Experience and know-how in the Hydrogen based energy storage systems, power-to-gas and power-to-power systems. Developer of innovative ultra-high pressure AES electrolyser with 300bar hydrogen direct output without the need of additional compressor