About us

“In a non-linear world, only non-linear ideas will create new wealth”

Maurizio Scuotto 


No society does better than you aspire to do.
Let us not limit ourselves in wanting to create value and quality in services, as it is the limits that slow us down and prevent us in growth and change. The “gray-haired revolutionaries” are companies and people who have been able to reinvent themselves and their industry more than once.
Gray hair does not depend on age, but on the experience gained from having lived more “strategic lives”.
Learning from the behaviour of competitors is therefore possible to go back to their strategy and achieve results difficult to achieve by other means. There is no particular secret to achieving the goals of success.
It is the result of preparation, hard work and above all learn from your mistakes

Matteo Barca

Graduated in Economics and Business Management with Finance address at the “Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore” in Milan.

At the prestigious University of Zurich he attended courses in: Microeconomics, Financial Accounting, Financial Reporting, General Mathematics, General Informatics and Business Economics.
Alongside his studies, Dr. Barca also held political roles in his home country.

He joined the Global Control Service, where he used all the knowledge he learned during his years of study, and currently holds the role of director and member of the Board of Directors.